Together twenty years, we have always dreamed of owing our own business, one that creates well-being.
We believe our organic coffee & baked goods are sure to

provide this.


PAT aka "MA"

is always full of laughs, hanging with the black lung society!

The Matriarch, we dragged out of retirement, she can often be found at the till or outside smoke in hand, whenever she wants! She revels in the Book Exchange & She loves watching the look of shock that comes across your faces the first time you go through "The Coffee Interrogation"


"It's The Erin & Pattie Show"

~Jed Davidson
"We are not Fighting...
We are Italian/Irish!"

~ Pat aka Ma

Thirsty Spirit Roast House Inc.


is always in dark glasses, full of focused looks & concentration!

The introvert of the two, combined with a severe light & Noise sensitivity, he can often be found shaded under the brim of a hat, sometimes with ear plugs, with his eye on the roaster. He revels in the process of roasting the green beans into the unique blends that only we can provide. He loves watching the satisfaction that comes across your faces at that first sip of our coffee.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we roast your hot cup of coffee, your perfect espresso as well as your fresh beans to enjoy at home or in house!



is always moving full of a lot of energy, smiles & chit chat!

The extrovert of the two with her hair in bun, she can often be found behind the counter, baking & making sandwiches or pulling Espresso Drinks. She revels in pulling a perfect Espresso shot & the creation of flavour profiles for our Specialty Nanaimo Bars. She loves the excitement of watching the pure enjoyment that comes across

your faces with the last bite of our baking!