Thirsty Spirit Roast House Inc.

 Our Speacilty Nanaimo Bar Code!

A Flavour Code Was Cracked & Entrusted to Us,

the Rest is NANAIMO BAR History!

At Thirsty Spirit Roast House We Make Small Batches Of Our

Specialty Nanaimo Bars From Scratch

Using only the finest ingredients

Come In and Try our NOT SO Traditional Dessert Bar of The Island!

Our Specialty Nanaimo Bars!

Not All Flavors Are Avalabile At All Times

The Sweet Espresso

The Dark Truffle

The PB&J Lover

The Lively Lime

The Lover's Duo

Bar of The Month

 The One & Only Nanaimo Bar

Is Truly a Mid-century British Columbia Creation!

The Nanaimo Bar is a Chocolatey, Creamy & NuttySweet treat Mystery!

This No Bake Dessert Square Is Made With A Nutty Crumb-Base,

A Custard Center, & Topped With A Dark Chocolate!

While No One Can Truly Say


This Delicious Bar was Originally Created;

  One Thing all Islanders DOAgree On Is  WHERE  It Was Created:

 Nanaimo, B.C. 


Vancouver Island

Best Known Nanaimo Bar History...

In 1952 a recipe for "Chocolate Square"was found in
The Ladies Auxiliary to the Nanaimo General Hospital Cookbook

In 1953, A Recipe for "Nanaimo Bar" was found in
Prize Cook Book by Edith Adams

In 1986 Recipe for Three kinds of "Nanaimo Bars"was found in

The Official Expo 86 Cookbook by Susan Mendelson

In 1986, Nanaimo's Mayor Graeme Roberts,
Judged a Contest to Find the Ultimate Nanaimo Bar Recipe

The winner: Joyce Hardcastle

In 2006 Nanaimo Bar was Voted
Canada’s Favourite Dessert in a National Post Poll.


In 2016 Thirsty Spirit Roast House was Entrusted

with the Nanaimo Bar Code.
The Nanaimo Bar Is The Hockey Of Desserts~Unknown

The Legendary

The Ruby Raspberry

The Salted Caramel

The Midnight Mint